Sujet :The Higgs udder
Date :Fri, 24 Mar 2023 08:31:54 +0100 (sent to Thomas « Herzog » Wed, 22 Mar 2023 09:53:55 +0100)
De :Berrnard Leclere
Pour :Professor Thomas Hertog – KU Leuven

Dear Professor Hertog,

As a former student of the KUL (finance and philosophy), I would like to share with you an idea resulting from an exploration in the field of the Big Bang.
Starting from the hypothesis of a reversal of time without reversal of causality, I imagined a Higgs field tracking a scalar space having the shape not of a sphere but of a pear so that the image of the Mexican hat associated with the Higgs field would be transformed into one of a « cow udder »:

In this drawing the line separating the ellipse from the hyperbola would correspond to the wave function collapse. The « cow » feeding the udder would correspond to the temperature of the cosmos (cold transfer). The expansion of the universe (or multiverse) would thus be due to a penetration (of dark matter/energy?) which would correspond to a negentropic phenomenon. The reversal of time (Big Bang) would be accompanied by a reversal of the Higgs field (the cold current acting like a headwind), with matter, after being swallowed up,  drawing from the cosmic reserve the quantity of antimatter necessary for its rebirth (reversal of matter/antimatter?). The Higgs « flip over » operation would correspond to a complex-valued Lorentz-transformation (the rotation exchanges the inside and the outside):

The hypersurface of the present in the Minkowski spacetime would be a geometric projection of a scalar pear.
Time would be made of a succession of Bigbang (birth/death) phases around  a scalar pear nested in each other like Russian dolls.

Knowing that you are very busy, I would be very grateful to you if you could make even a very brief comment on this scenario.

Thanking you in avance for reading this message,

Bernard Leclère