Judaïsm of the lights
Christianity of the lights
Islam of the lights

His Royal Highness King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud
Royal Court 11-488-2222
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Copy: King Philippe of Belgium, Rue Brederode 16, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

3 February 2019

Concern : Great Mosque of Brussels

Your Majesty,

As a Belgian artist, I feel free to have a dream for Belgium and Saudi Arabia.
I am free to think that Your Majesty comes to Belgium to meet King Philippe at the Brussels Great Mosque site, like King Khaled ben Abdelaziz Al Saoud did in 1967 when he was handed over the keys of the Great Mosque by our late King Baudouin of Belgium.
In this dream, Your Majesty is handing the keys back to King Philippe of Belgium as a sign of trust in the Belgian Muslim community.
Back in 1967, at a time when the Belgian Muslim community was in its infancy, my country trusted yours for the task of accompanying Belgian Muslims. It was a great honor for both our countries. Today, Belgian Muslims are, for the very great majority of them, well educated people: some are lawyers, doctors, researchers … They can take care now of the poorly educated people. Giving the Great Mosque’s keys back to them today would be a highly honorable way for Saudi Arabia to reciprocate a gesture of mutual trust.
As an artist, my thoughts have to come to life one way or another.
So, I realized a work which I called ‘A trinity of religions’, with a special attention to the three main monotheistic religions of Europe whose beliefs are based on a same and unique God: Judaism of the lights, Christianity of the lights and Islam of the lights. (Please see annex).
Why ‘of the lights’?
Because we are all survivors of the darkness. Because mankind managed to survive thanks to its ability to continuously search for the lights, wherever it can.
In my mind, I painted the image of Your Majesty and our King inaugurating this work the day of the ceremony of the keys I mentioned.
As Your Majesty knows, many people have fallen under the strokes of terrorists in Belgium as well as in many countries. By respect to the people whose freedom was stolen and life broken, there can be no question of money in this matter for me. Therefore I will offer this piece of work as a free gift to the Belgian Muslim community.
I hope that you will receive this letter and will respond to it. If it is the case, I will forward it to (and only to) King Philippe of Belgium.
Please accept, Your Majesty, my very good wish to you,

Cast Iron. Made from agricultural ground roller. Couplings cast to size.
Height : 1,95m.
Lenght : 95cm
Width: 10cm – Base: 48,50cm.
Weight : 70kg.
Finishing coat: dual components polyurethane varnish.
Made in 3 samples